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Grammar Tip # 6: WORD FORMATION

The following list does not include the adjectives derived from participle forms of verbs e.g.(verb) interest (adjective) interesting /interested nor does the list include the adverbs derived by adding suffix "-ly" at the end of adjectives. eg.(adjective) deep (adverb) deeply.

Notice that this chart shows word formation starting with the letter "A". If you click on the following link, the chart will continue alphabetically WORD FORMATION CHARTS.

enable ability able unable ably
absence absentee absent
accident accidental
accommodate accommodation
acknowledge acknowledgement
act action activity activist actress actor active inactive
activate activation
add addition additive additional additive
adequacy inadequacy adequate inadequate
admire admiration admirable admirably
advantage disadvantage advantageous disadvantageous
advertise advertisement advertiser
admit admission admittance
adopt adoption
advise advice advisability advisable inadvisable advisably inadvisably
affection affectionate unaffectionate
affect effect effective ineffective
agree disagree agreement disagreement agreeable disagreeable agreeably disagreeably
alcohol alcoholic alcoholically
allow allowance
ambition ambitious
amuse amusement
annoy annoyance
excite excitement
anxiety anxious
apologize apology apologetic apologetically
appear disappear appearance disappearance apparent apparently
applaud applause applauder
apply application applicant applicable applicably
appoint appointment
appreciate appreciation appreciative
approve disapprove approval disapproval
argue argument argumentation arguable argumentative arguably
arrange arrangement
arrive arrival
assist assistance
associate association
assume assumption
astonish astonishment
attend attendance
attention attentive
attract attraction attractiveness unattractiveness attractive unattractive
avoid avoidance avoidable unavoidable avoidably unavoidably

Source: Good site.

These links below are great reading about Word Formation:
-BRIGHTHUB_Back Formation and Derivation. Also Conversion, Compounding, Clipping and Blending. Pdf. Article by Ingo Plag on Word Formation.
-WORD BUILDING LIST. Compiled by Tomasz Szczégola, Poland.

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