• PHONEMIC TYPEWRITER                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • MANYTHINGS.ORG Very complete site for Listening+Speaking+Reading
  • ELLO.ORG With videos and varieties of English.
  • MOVIES SOUND CENTRAL Movie Quotes (sound quality could be better, though you can read along as you listen to fragments).
  • ENGLISHMED.COM Animated dialogues for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, with CARTOONS!
  • FOCUSENGLISH.COM  Great everyday English Conversation site.
  • ESLFAST.COM More than 1,500 conversations under different topics with high-quality audio.
  • TALKENGLISH.COM Over 500 Business English lessons for people with office jobs.
  • ESLGOLD.COM Commonly used expressions in conversations provided by ESLgold.
  • SONGS WITH EXERCISES wonderful site by teacher Isabel Pérez.
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