Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blogs in Plain English


  1. How interesting Inma... Actually it's a very powerful tool and you're gonna become an expert blogger... good job.

  2. Hello Inma, I just want to send you my homework, maybe here is not the right way to do it, but I´ll try....


    I was born in a little village, in the country,and when i was 18 I moved to the city with my family. I was studying and working for several years but I´ve always had itchy feet.
    So, I travelled around Europe for ten months, learning some languages like french or english.
    For three months I Was working on a farm, near London, taking care of the horses and improving my englihs
    Winning the prize money is important to me, I´d probably buy some horses to teach children to ride them.
    My motto is to have many horses and train them to win a racehorses.

  3. Hi, Inma!
    As I haven't be able to write my profile anywhere else, I'll use this space to do it.

    My Profile

    My name is Trinidad . I was born in Seville and was brought up in a small town nearby. I come from a working-class family, but I’ve always wanted to study to become a teacher.
    I consider myself a rather shy person, although I like meeting people and socializing. Once I feel comfortable with new people, I usually talk quite a lot and try to have a good time.
    Besides, I think I'm not a complicated person. My favourite things in life are going out with my family or friends, going shopping, having a nice cup of coffee, walking, seeing good films, etc. However, I don't usually do any sports, although I go to Pilates classes and I've done Yoga, Taichi, and other types of exercises like these.
    I also like travelling. You can meet people from different countries and cultures, and you learn very much so that your personality grows and enriches. In fact, I have visited some countries such as Portugal, Italy and England when I was younger. Then I got married and my trips limited to Spain.
    On the other hand, the proudest moments in my life were when I had each one of my children and professionally, when I passed the Competitive Government Exams. Since then, I’ve been working as a teacher. I’ve studied English for almost all my life, but as I don’t have many opportunities to travel away, I go on enhancing my knowledge of English here in order to be up to date with this wonderful language.
    My motto is “Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today”, because you never know what will happen tomorrow.

  4. My imaginary profile:
    I was born and brought up in Seville. I started to work soon after graduating, but I didn´t like my job so much, so when I had the chance, I set up my own business.
    Right now I have a little rural hotel in Castelo de Vide, a picturesque village from Portugal and I´m going to organize some routes to let tourists to know Alentejo area.
    My motto is move to Portugal since I wouldn´t have to travel so much and I think my children will be able to take care of themselves soon.

  5. My profile:

    Originally I am from Seville. I was born and brought up in a town placed very close to the city. While I was studying my degree, I spent six months living in Paris in order to improve my violin technique. Then, when I finished my violin degree, I lived one year in Manchester to do a postgraduate there. My proudest moment was when I passed the competitive exam last June. Since then I am a violin teacher in a music school. I love playing in musical ensembles and fortunately I can do it quite often. Besides, I really like travelling and I try to do it as often as I can. My weak point are cats, I could do everything for them.